Tanrien (tanrien) wrote,

Dear Yuletide Author - Yuletide 2013

Dear lovely Yuletide Author,

thank you so much for writing something for me - let me say that in advance, I'll very, very likely love everything you write and I'm already super excited about reading your story. :))

To recap, this year, my wishes were for
The Heat (2013) - Typical fanfiction trope applied to Shannon and Sarah.
Gravity (2013) - Post-movie moments.
The Three Investigators | Die drei ??? - Their lives outside the detective work and how it is influenced by their work.
Monsters University (2013) - Mike or Sully as trans* character.
(My requests word by word are at the bottom of this entry.)

My past years letters are here: Yuletide 2012, Yuletide 2011, and Yuletide 2010.
My username this year is tahanrien.

The Yuletide-questions:
Do they like/prefer not to get holiday stories? No preference!
Do they like/prefer not to get crossovers/AUs/gender-bending? What I said last year - I don't have a list of all of my fandoms ready, but if you crossover with something that you're sure I know, go ahead. AUs are awesome and everything related to the topic of gender/sex will be received with open arms.
Do they want dark/fluff/relationship/action adventure? My answer from last year again - Relationship and action adventure are by all means fine by me, but with dark and fluff it would be awesome if it wasn't be too extreme, but rather more dimmed down. I'm also, sadly, not a big fan of humour in stories.
Are they familiar with the whole series/do they mind spoilers? Yes and no!
Do they really want/need all of their requested characters in the story? It's fine if you leave someone out, especially on the one for The Three Investigators.

So, yeah. I'll love anything you write, I know that from past Yuletides, because for me, Yuletide is a really special place and I just love getting a story written for me. I might not be able to comment right the second the collection is open, because I live on European time, so I might be asleep/busy with unwrapping presents, etc. at that time - don't worry, I'll definitely check the archive as soon as I get the chance. :)

About content stuff, I'm fine with most kinks, if you want to add them. There are a few I don't like that much (the extreme ones, waterboarding, stuff like that), but I can pretty much enjoy everything written right. I never found that to be a problem though, with Yuletide, and if you have an awesome idea for some kind of splatter-mpreg-tentacle thing, go for it! The fandoms I picked are ones I'd actually love to read just anything in, my additional details are just that, additional details, to give you some ideas should you need them.

In general, most cases, I like long and plot more than fluff/slice of life and short, and f/f or gen or female characters more than het or m/m, though there are so many exceptions, this is just really if you are totally in doubt. I also like diversity in stories and if you want and it's happening this year, I'm totally behind you going for the Misses Clause Challenge or the one for characters of color or for tons of QUILTBAG characters, even if it doesn't fit my additional details.

I'm sure it will be great. \o/

Aaaand, here are my wishes word-by-word:
The Heat (2013)
I would love to see one of the usual tropes for cop/detectives shows fanfictions applied to them, something really trope-y, like woke-up married or sudden animal transformation. Gen/friendship and f/f are both fine. Can be fun and light or serious, I'll love both.

Gravity (2013)
I'd absolutely love a post-movie scene, right after what we saw and the movie stops - how Ryan is being treated, her first thoughts when she is walking again, how she tells people what happens, do they even ask, is she in shock? Outsider!POV would work here as well, I think, but I'll love absolutely anything about her.

The Three Investigators | Die drei ???
I'd love to know more about the boys outside their detective work, beyond what we are shown. Not so much girlfriends/near family stuff, but how they went to school, where they work, how they deal with buying groceries or cars, how neighbours view them and how their detective work is tied into that and who they are away from it. Outside!POV could work well here as well, I guess, it also doesn't have to include all three of them actively.

Monsters University (2013)
If you are up for it, I'd really love to see either Mike or Sully as trans* in however way you want to spin it; is there a support group at university? Which part of the Monster Uni world makes being trans* easier, which part makes it harder? Is it even an issue, with all the different monsters around?
Alternatively, if that is not for you, maybe one of the scenes from the credits written out where they are working their way up, and Mike or Sully in doubt, if they are ever going to make it, with how much work they have to do.

And that was it, in this super long letter again. As I said before, I'm really excited about reading your story, and really look forward to the reveal already. I hope you have fun writing it and if you have any questions, as per Yuletide rule, you can contact the mods and have them ask me. But don't worry, just have fun writing, and I absolutely know that will show in the story. :))

Also: Thank you so much already. *squishes*
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