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Dearest Yuletide Author

first of all, thank you - in advance - so much for writing for me. I'm pretty sure that you are awesome and that your story is going to be awesome as well, it simply has to be, with your excellent choice of a fandom. ♥
I hope I can be helpful in this Yuletide Letter, at least I'm trying to be. But if none of my ramblings/helpful prompts inspire you, feel free to go with your own ideas or have the Yuletide mods contact me.


Megamind (2010) : Roxanne Ritchie
While I really liked Megamind and Metro Man was fun as well, there was one thing that left me baffled at the end: Why didn't they give Metro Man's powers to Roxy? For me that would make perfect sense and it would have been such a good spin on the traditional dynamic. But they didn't do it and I was pretty disappointed.

So that's my optional suggestion for this one: Roxy with powers. Maybe she got Metro Man's powers or it's an AU and she has powers from the beginning and hides them or even is involved in the fight between Megamind and Metro Man or.. or.. or... Maybe it's Roxy's POV, or Megamind's, or the POV of one of the citicens... everything's your choice. I just really would like to read about Roxy with powers, in any way you can think of. :)
(... Roxy would make such an awesome superheroine...)


Pan's Labyrinth : Mercedes and Ofelia
What prompted me to ask for this fandom was the idea of Ofelia visiting Mercedes in her dreams and maybe helping her or leading her down into the underworld kingdom... Just that these two characters somehow get back to each other and maybe that we see the kingdom and Ofelia's "new life" in another light, through another's eyes (Mercedes...?). But that's only my inicial idea. :)

Maybe Ofelia grew up when in the Kingdom and now comes back; or she is really dead and it was all her imagination and Mercedes is sick and hallucinates about the girl she used to know and her brother worries; or maybe Ofelia needs some help and the Faun is send to get Mercedes; or maybe Mercedes dies and through accident or through Ofelia's wish also goes to the kingdom... so many possibilities. But just write whatever you like best, whatever you are inspired to write. :)


Fantaghirò : Fantaghirò herself and the White Witch
As it is probably the case with everyone who watched it, I think they should have made a last movie. Now Fanta is stuck in this other world forever and I always get sad when watching the last parts, because it feels so unfinished and she just left her whole family and all of her friends behind... That's why I requested this.

I would really, really love to see Fanta get back and I thought, who is more perfect to bring Fanta back than the White Witch? It might be a spell and then they both fight against evil, or the White Knight follows Fanta into the other world or Fanta comes back to her own world and everything has changed and she and the White Witch have to team up... I'm sure you catch my drift.

As an alternative I'm also not uninterested in Fanta's training with the White Knight, if that's more appealing to you. :)

(I'm a big fan of femslash, so if that's your cup of tea too and you are inspired, you could do something femslashy for them both as well? :D If not, I'm fine with gen or Fanta returning to Romualdo as well.)


The Stone Dance of the Chameleon - Ricardo Pinto : Carnelian
Oh, Carnelian... At first I wanted to ask for Carnelian and Osidian, because it would be so easy to ask for some scenes with them, frolickin' in the beautiful gardens and so on, before everything turns horrible when they are abducted. But I'm also actually interested in Carnelian as a character: He is just so different from everyone else in the books, so like us with his morals and I think that's the fascinating thing. To see, how someone like us from our world would react to the cruelty of the world that is Carnelian's.

That's why I love the books: The culture and system are so disgusting and horrible, and so fixed. But people are able to live with it - and then Carnelian is actually able to make changes, little as they are. The whole story is such a wake-up call, a story about breaking out of the strict system of these exotic and stranges rules.

So maybe a story about Carnelian before Aurum arrives and Carnelian and his father have to leave their home would be brilliant as well, maybe how others perceive him? Or Carnelian after the book ends, what he will do... Just how he deals with everything. Or how Carnelian's life would have been if he had been born a girl... because that's kind of the worst thing that could happen to anyone, besides not being a Chosen One.

Okay, to be honest, I'm basically totally in favor of any fanfiction for this fandom. Carnelian just happens to be my favorite character, but any story will make me extremely happy. ;)


In general I'm a big fan of women, their awesomeness and the awesomeness of their portrayel, which is why I picked so many of them as characters. I really like gen and femslash (I converted over from m/m to f/f during the last year). It's like, if you have an idea for femslash for any prompt, go for it if you want. :D

And here is my Yuletide Letter from last year, if that's any help. The general list still applies:
long > short
plot > no plot
serious with humour > serious > humour
mildly explicit sex & no sex > explicit sex
f/f & gen > m/m & het

Of course that's only if you can't decide how to do it. I trust your imagination, your ideas and, in regards to warnings, your sensibilities. I don't have any triggers, but then again most of the time I also rather prefer stories that aren't triggering at all. But! Like I said, I trust you to handle this. :)

I hope I was able to help you as much as I can, so that not only you'll be able to produce a fabulous story (which you will, I know it :DD). But also that you'll have fun doing so and thus will enjoy Yuletide. ♥
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