Tanrien (tanrien) wrote,

Dear Yuletide Writer,

directly, the first thing, in advance: Thank you soooo much for writing something for me! ♥ I simply know it will be amazing and I'm really excited and and and. :D

Soo, first, in case I forgot something~

  • How To Train Your Dragon
    My Request: I would love to read more about Astrid. The movie was, well, about a boy and his dragon, and Astrid was solely his love interest. A perky one, but still. :/ I would like to read about her independently from that, how she finds "her" dragon, or how she has to negotiate with other vikings who still fight dragons, or how she needs to relearn everything she knew about dragons from the scratch... or maybe even an AU with her being the one to find Toothless. Or just some Outside POV on teenage Astrid... See my letter for more. :D

    * How to Train Your Dragon (2010),
    * Astrid,
    * Coming of Age,
    * Gen
    Ohh, Astrid...

    I mean, I really liked the movie. It was original, it was fun, Toothless was adorable as well as the other characters. What I didn't like was how Astrid was turned into one of those standard girls. I think they could've handled her better, even without making the story too complicated. But, well, if the original was perfect, we wouldn't need fanfiction, right? :D

    (I don't have anything against Hiccup/Astrid, it's just that I think she could be more than just another part of the pairing. But I'll be happy to read pairing-fic as well, just, you know, some kickass-Astrid-love? ♥ )

  • Avatar
    My Request: An alternative ending to the movie? It's just that the military solution seemed so... required because There Must Be Explosions, but for me it didn't evolve naturally out of the plot.
    If that's too complicated, which I would totally understand, and just to give you more to work with: maybe something with Jake's humanity. How he still feels different, simply because of his memories of Earth. Or, something like a time skip/fix-it, with Jake ending up back on earth? Maybe even in his Na'vi-body? Or Earth is attacked and humans flee to Pandora...
    What different Na'vi are thinking about Jake would be great as well... :D
    Just some ideas, no need for you to pick up any of them. :) It's just that I would love to read about Jake needing to interact with part of his humanity in whatever context.
    If I can think of anything else to give you ideas, you'll find that in my letter. :)

    * Avatar (2009),
    * Jake Sully

    I watched Avatar two times in the cinema but it never occured to me to look for fanfiction. So when I looked through the yuletide fandoms I looked for fandoms I myself could write in and which are easy to get familiar with again - and I saw Avatar. At first I had no intentionof adding it to the list, but then, when the moment finally came where I had to think of my requests, it hit me: I like the movie, I like the 3D-stuff, but it could have been so much more, y'know?

    I realise how this sounds, but I really don't expect something like a rewrite or something. No, but what I missed was more stuff about Jake Sully, more information, more serious thoughts about him, I guess. In the movie at first he is stunned, then he is struggling to cope (with being Na'vi) and then he is fighting. Not much time for Cameron to really get to the character beyond some kind of abstract feeling, which Jake overcomes and then he stays the hero through and through.

    So, you see, anything with Jake will make me happy. :)

  • American Gods
    My Request: I checked m/m, but everything else is fine as well, see my Letter for that. BUT about this: I would love to read about Shadow before he met Laura. Before, well, before the book. What I would find really interesting and what was my original idea for chosing Shadow, was this: different gods, well, "looking after" teenager Shadow. I would be fine with them helping him, them stalking him, making contact, not making contact, maybe even hitting him up, having sex... :'D Your decision! I would be fine with anything about teenage!Shadow or even just Shadow. Whatever you want to write. :)

    * American Gods - Neil Gaiman,
    * Shadow,
    * POV Outsider,
    * M/M

    I really, really, really like Shadow. :D Okay, well, I like to whole idea of Balder, but I love the book, I love the road trip feeling to it, and all the different gods and how Shadow stays so outwardly calm and collected, how we never truly feel with him - at least for me he stayed a mystery - even though we are there the whole time... he's just awesome, I guess. :'D

    I like the idea of there being more than it is shown and the feeling that there is a world beyond what is said that I have with this book. (It was one of the first two English books I read by choice and it was muuuch too complicated. So I reread scenes again and again... ♥)

As you can probably see I like the Outsider POV, I like plot, but I like calm pieces as well, I like... I think if you just write one if the fandoms above you can never ever do anything wrong. :D I'm not easy to shock, stuff like incest and so on is okay, but I trust your sensibilities. :)

To give you more to work with if you don't have an idea yet: I like such strange things like future!fic, fix-it, "goes back in time", "we know more than you do", sensible genderswap, "what if"s, stuff like that. While I like humour, I also really like stories which sting a bit, tuck at the heart, are a bit sad? In general I'm more of an m/m kind of girl, but for my requested fandoms I chose the ones where I love the characters, so everything will be great to read. :D

I looked at some other letters and I found it really helpful if they told me what the writer likes (more), so I'll try to help you the same way. But, please, keep in mind that I'll love the most whatever fits your story best! This is just me trying to be helpful. If you have two really awesome ideas and can't decide, and stuff. :D
long > short ^^;
plot > no plot
serious with humour > serious > humour
mildly explicit sex & no sex > explicit sex
I sound so demanding; I'm sorry. D: Please ignore the list if it isn't helpful, okay?

IP-logging for the comments is off, so if you have a question you can just ask. :D Or have the mods contact me. :)

Much love,
tanrien :D
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